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Layla strips down and shows her twat before she gets hot and heavy with a feet enthusiast. He licked her feet and sucked her toes before he gave her pussy a similar treatment.


In return she sucked his schlong and gave him a delicate footjob before they fucked like rabbits in multiple positions. At the end he dumped his semen on her sexy feet.


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Layla is so horny that she can't wait for her boyfriend to get out of the shower. She is standing there in her sexy lingerie when he gets out and escorts him to the nearest chair. She tosses away his towel and sucks him hard. Then she gets some cunilingus for her effort before they shag like two wild animals!



































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Hehe Layla is not really a part of this scene but I decided to post it afterall ;) She just watches her husband fuck Mia Lelani and jizz on her huge fake melons.











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From the episode Me – Sakj.


Layla strips down and hops up on the bench naked with just a towel to cover up her crotch area. Summer enters the room and gives her a full body massage. Suddenly she strips down too and joins Layla on the bench. She heads for the pussy and licks it good. Layla really enjoys this threatment so it was no surprise that she returned the favour :)


















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